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We have a wide network of reliable partners across the globe to unsure that we provide clients with seamless and-to-end logistics services. Transporting heavy and outsized cargo is a challenging procedure which requires skill and expertise. By applying our detailed knowledge of cargo aircraft volumes and loading abilities, Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited can arrange heavy and outsize cargo to be transported with the minimum of effort.
Available 24/7, our award-winning cargo team operates in a global network of offices around the world. We can quickly find the closest aircraft and could have your delivery in the air within an hour of confirmation. Kensberg Cargo Freight specialises in providing time-sensitive cargo charter and onboard courier solutions to support all industries
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We specialize in providing best in industry Air Freight solutions to thousands of destinations across the globe. Air freight is the industries fastest transportation mode and is useful for customers who want to move their inventory across the globe on demand. We work daily to secure contract rates to most popular destinations in order to make sure our pricing is more cost effective than our competitors can offer.

Humanitarian & Relief Cargo

Kensberg Cargo Freight is experienced in assisting humanitarian relief organisations, playing a key role in practically every global relief operation. Here we take a look back over the past 10 years at the charters where we’ve been able to really make a difference.
We are experienced in quickly and effectively delivering humanitarian aid to the places that need it most. In these emergency situations, which often present the greatest logistical challenges of all, our specialist expertise and global connections are vital to the smooth running of relief operations.


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