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Customs and Compliance services on a Global Basis

Our goal is to provide an Import Management Program that addresses all of your standard and express customs clearance requirements. Our service includes assisting you with reasonable care, complete post entry audits and customised point-and-click report writing.
Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited provides customs and compliance services on a Global basis, with all of our offices being managed by approved Customs Brokers. We offer full clearance and entry services, including express eCommerce shipping solutions, with superior quality and 24/7 support.
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The cornerstones of our 24/7 quality support include the development of a Client Import Policy and Procedures manual, classification/valuation assistance, online tracking, an image processing system and access to our Global communications services - all of which are critical success factors in maintaining compliance to governmental regulations.
Export and import compliance audits, consulting, training, seminars and outsourcing solutions for shippers in the US. We tailor each solution to your specific needs and work with you to enter and access new markets for exports, as well as streamlining operations for imports.

Visibility & Intergration

The Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited Import Operating System is directly linked to AMS, ABI and ACE portal applications. This state-of-the-art technology provides quick transmissions and data recovery from the Customs Database. Access to our operating system for document generation, compliance reporting and report writing is also available for designated customers.
We have the ability to manage the Customs Clearance aspect of bringing in bulk parcels, so that eCommerce orders can move through the system as fast as possible.


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