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Things You Need to Know about
Kensberg Cargo Services Limited

  • 01. What is logistics and what logistics services do you offer?
    Logistics include warehousing, shipping and distribution services to support a company’s supply chain of getting their products from A to B. Logistics companies offer carrier and service options, and provide continued management of all or some areas of a customer’s transportation needs. At Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited we offer E-Commerce Logistics, Local & International Freight, Supply Chain consultancy & Value Added Services that improve the way you run your logistics on a day to day level.
  • 02. Where are your warehouses & operations located?
    Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited has offices and offers its core logistics services from; Hong Kong, Shenzhen China, Sydney, Taipei, Ho Chi Min & New York with partner offices in Germany, United Kingdom & New Zealand. So no matter where you are based in the world, Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited is in a position to help.
  • 03. How are you different from other Logistics company?
    Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited is your modern day logistics and consulting business, allowing us to source the most efficient, cost and time effective, and reliable solution for you across the Africa and China markets. Our range of partners in the logistics industry, coupled with our smart technology, allows you to spend less time on logistics and more time on the things that matter to you and your business.
  • 04. What countries can you ship to?
    Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited ships to almost 98% of the world from our key origin hubs. So if you ship from Australia to the European Union, from China to Africa or even form the European Union to China, we have you covered through our extensive network.
  • 05. Can you handle duty / tax shipments?
    As part of our international freight & e-commerce logistics services, we do provide duty & tax services, including duty computation & customs clearance on behalf of your company.
  • 06. Do you support drop-shippers and crowdfunders?
    Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited works with a number of drop-shippers & crowdfunders and provides them warehousing, fulfilment & final mile shipping services including full duty & tax management & insurance services.
  • 07. Are you Global?
    Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited through its Worldwide Global partnerships, Affiliations & Associations can assist our clients with Abnormal Out-of-Gauge shipments from any point in the world to any other point. For example, a client in Saudi Arabia, with a vendor in China and customers in Europe, could set up all distribution through Logistics Africa International Ltd, Kensberg’s International Marketing Agency.
  • 08. How qualified is your staff?
    Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited management and operational staff is highly qualified, technically experienced and service oriented to take care of your day to day road transport movements. Having international marketing offices and Associates in important cities of the world, gives us a distinguished advantage to render sound, efficient and economic services.
  • 09. What type of fleet do you own?
    Our fleet of vehicles consists of modern trucks, ranging from 1 Ton Pick-ups, 8-15 Ton Tautliner (curtain trucks), Pantechnicons (volume vans), Tri-axle Trailers & Superlink Articulated Flatbed trailers. Kensberg Cargo Freight Limited through its Strategic Business Partnerships have a vast array of heavy transport and mobile cranes. Please see our service offering in our Services Portfolio, as well as the following: Abnormal Heavy Transport resources, Mobile Crane resources, Road Freight resources and Warehousing resources.